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Wesleyan Quest

Thoughtful classroom discussions. Rowdy cheering sections. Discovering new interests and meeting people. Thanks to a unique partnership between Dakota Wesleyan University and LifeQuest, an integrated college experience is available for qualifying students transitioning from high school into adulthood. Through this program, students are able to earn a two-year certification from DWU to help them navigate a career path, enjoy community life and build meaningful relationships.

Getting Involved At DWU

Wesleyan Quest students attend classes part-time and are fully immersed in the college life at DWU by participating in extracurricular activities, campus events and volunteer opportunities. While students don’t live on campus, activities offer a fuller, richer experience, allowing students to interact with their peers while enjoying all that college has to offer. 

Wesleyan Quest Program: 
  • Provides a variety of courses for audit or credit

  • Utilizes Person Centered Planning

  • Develops peer networks through extracurricular activities

  • Offers on/off campus work experiences

  • Finds work opportunities through Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Emphasizes self-advocacy, independence, self-discipline, employment skills and personal responsibility

Wesleyan Quest Eligibility Requirements: 
  • Ages 18-21 

  • Recommendation from current school district teacher, counselor or administration 

  • Qualify for funding through IEP 

  • Primary goal of employment 

  • Ability to fund books and meal plan if desired 

  • Ability to fund courses (VR may be able to help with cost if requirements are met) 

  • Transportation to and from DWU campus (VR may be able to help if requirements are met) 

  • Ability to participate in a classroom and professional setting

“Every student that has taken part in Wesleyan Quest has made tremendous progress. We hear from families, school districts and employers as well, and the feedback is so rewarding. When students tell me they can’t wait to come back, or that they want to continue the program beyond two years, that shows me this program is working.” 

Roxi Brown | Secondary Education Coordinator, Wesleyan Quest



 804 North Mentzer 

Mitchell, SD 57301 


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