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Career Connections

Having employment where you feel your contributions matter and are appreciated is something we all desire. Not only does it provide a paycheck, it leads to friendships and helps people feel successful. Through Career Connections, a non-profit organization owned and operated by LifeQuest, people are able to find employment that fits their personalities, skills and interests.


A Program That Works In Our Community!

Career Connections provides support and assistance to area employers so that the job match is a positive experience for all involved. Through the thorough and meaningful job placement process, our community partners know they can trust us to fill positions with the right people. The business community offers amazing opportunities for LifeQuest, and we are grateful for every new connection! 

Services offered through Career Connections include:

Job Placement

Trained employees evaluate people for their unique skills, preferences, personalities and goals to help place them in a position that will be rewarding for both the employee and the employer. 

Job Coaching

We provide training and assistance to both the employer and the employee to help build lasting relationships established on mutual understanding and respect.

Follow Along Services

Employees at Career Connections provide support services to aid the employer and employee until both are comfortable with job placement.

Job Shadowing

To ensure people understand various jobs within the community, we seek job shadowing opportunities that allow them to learn and observe different employment opportunities.

Job Analysis

Career Connections will analyze various positions within a company to determine the type of person best suited or each job.

Situational Evaluation Assessments 

A situational assessment allows the employee to experience the job and the employer a chance to assess a person’s skills prior to employment.

“In today’s tight job market, LifeQuest helps us find people who want to work with our customers, who enjoy working here and who can always be counted on to show up and do their best. Our partnership with LifeQuest is a win-win.” 

Chad Lorensen  |  Store Director, County Fair Food Store

We are here with support every step of the way, and we do whatever we can to make the experience rewarding for both the employee and the employer.” 

Kala Aragon | Director of Career Connections



 804 North Mentzer 

Mitchell, SD 57301 


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