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Day Services

Helping people live full, purposeful lives where they are encouraged to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams is a valuable part of LifeQuest. Our Day Services program provides motivating, fulfilling opportunities every day to enhance job skills and life skills, explore creative interests and hobbies and make meaningful connections with one another and the community.

An Important Life Transition

Making that transition from high school to the adult world is important in everyone’s life. At LifeQuest, we gear supports around helping people learn and enhance skills so that they may find employment, live in a “home away from home,” and participate in the life of their community. 

LifeQuest combines in-house learning courses with hands-on experiences in the community through volunteering, employment and other community resources and activities in order to help people gain skills that open doors to opportunities for their future. A transition like this takes time. Having support to help learn skills related to finances, employment, daily living, accessing the community and other important aspects is important and comforting. 

Enriching Lives With Interests And Hobbies 

With puzzles, games, crafts, music and art, the list of ways people hang out and have fun together is endless. People coming together to laugh and engage is something many enjoy as they attend LifeQuest’s Day Program. LifeQuest strives to provide people with activities that draw from their creative and unique personalities in a way that they can share with others. People enjoy the company of each other at in-house locations as well as taking in activities in the community! 

Making A Difference In Milbank 

LifeQuest is proud of their connection with the Milbank community and the opportunity to offer a variety of supports including day services, job development and coordination of services. This is an active program that thrives while contributing to their community and utilizing all that the area has to offer! 

“It is so rewarding to see the growth in people and to watch them learn new skills that contribute to them being more confident, self-aware and interested in the world around them. Every person is unique and we are passionate about letting that uniqueness shine through. I love LifeQuest and all the people here. This is a truly special place that just feels like family.” 

Liz | Direct Support Professional

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