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Investing In People

Make an Impact

The LifeQuest Foundation is here to help ensure gifts of all shapes and sizes are best used to help the people at LifeQuest. We accept donations of all kinds, including goods and services, and are so appreciative of the generous spirit in our communities. If you would like to donate or have questions about a gift, contact Brian Loken at


The Foundation offers a secure way to give a gift to the Foundation online. Click here to make a donation.

Ways to Give



We always welcome people who want to share experiences and friendships through a variety of 

volunteer activities designed to connect people with one another and the community. Let us know 

you are interested and we’ll find an activity that fits you! 


Provide Employment

If you are a local employer, consider adding a person from LifeQuest to your staff. We provide all the support necessary for a mutually positive experience. 


If you would like to donate money, goods and services, securities, real estate, insurance policies 

or personal property, the LifeQuest Foundation will determine how to best use your gift and will work with you to make the process as easy as possible. 

"LifeQuest really does good work and makes such an impact on people’s lives. There is a real generous spirit here that helps make all this good work possible. I am fortunate to get to work around people who love our mission and also people who help fund our mission. Both sides give me energy I can’t find anywhere else."

Brian Loken | LifeQuest Foundation Director

About Lifequest

 LifeQuest impacts thousands of lives across South Dakota, creating opportunities that enrich lives for people, their families and communities. Our mission is to reach as many people as possible through programs and services that foster happiness, creativity, friendship and a sense of purpose.


But we cannot do it alone. 

Through the generosity of individual donors, businesses and organizations, we continue to support and grow our mission. The LifeQuest Foundation welcomes gifts of all kinds, and is grateful for contributions of all sizes and amounts. 

Thank you for considering a gift to LifeQuest! 


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