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401 Create was designed to bring people together to share their time and talents. Volunteers are encouraged to host creative sessions or workshops, or just to help out with fun events such as bingo or trivia. You can come up with your own ideas, or 401 Create can help you or your group brainstorm ways to get involved! Volunteers can be individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, sports teams, youth groups, clubs or just friends and families that want to be part of something special. 

Endless Opportunities to Learn And Grow

401 Create is a fun-filled place where people can let loose, try new things, discover new talents and passions, laugh with friends or simply sit beside someone while working on a new skill or craft. Exposing people to new things is always exciting, so if you have a talent or hobby you would like to share, we would love to help make it happen. 

Here are some of the fun things we do together at 401 Create: 

  • Bingo 

  • Trivia 

  • Karaoke 

  • Musical jam sessions 

  • Art projects 

  • Cooking and baking 

  • Tie-dying t-shirts 

  • Yoga sessions 

  • Christmas ornaments 

  • Book and poetry readings 

  • Seasonal decorations 

  • Interactive video games 

  • Puzzles 

  • Participating in community events 

  • Projects that give back to the community 

  • Celebrating holidays, events and local fundraisers 

  • So much more!

“401 Create was established to create partnerships between the people served by LifeQuest and the Mitchell community, giving life to our mission: Creating Opportunities that Enrich Lives.” 

Pam Hanna | Executive Director,  LifeQuest

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