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Residential Services

 A vital part of LifeQuest’s mission is offering a variety of living opportunities, ranging from welcoming family-style homes with staff supervision, to comfortable individual homes and apartments within the community that receive check-ins and assistance as needed. Our goal is to help people thrive in a safe and secure home they can call their own, with the help of Direct Support Professionals who care. 




Step into one of LifeQuest’s family-style homes, and you will likely find a joyful, busy place full of love, laughter and people who are actively engaged in the world around them. LifeQuest’s group living opportunities provide support for people who enjoy the companionship of sharing a family-style home while still having the privacy of their own bedroom, decorated to match their unique styles and personalities. These homes provide a fun environment for learning life skills such as cooking, laundry and personal care, fully supported by Direct Support Professionals who are there to give a helping hand. People spend time together playing games, crafting, gardening and experiencing all the community has to offer, such as volunteering, attending local events and supporting community activities. Friends and family are always welcome to visit and join the fun. 

Our Group Homes provide: 

  • Shared common living 

  • Own room 

  • Clean environment 

  • Community involvement 

  • Direct Support Professionals in home

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Supervised Apartment 


For people who desire to live in their own space, Supervised Apartment Living offers all the comforts of home, with the security of knowing a Direct Support Professional is nearby to help them maintain their home, learn life skills and provide them with companionship. People love the ability to decorate their own apartments, choose their menus and take care of their own households, while still being part of the LifeQuest community for times when we come together for movies, crafts, volunteering, local events and activities, birthday celebrations and so much more.

Our Supervised Living Apartments provide: 

  • Own apartment or roommate 

  • Supports as needed 

  • Home life skills 

  • Community involvement 

  • Direct Support Professional on site 

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Everyone needs a check-in from time to time. Community Living helps people maintain and live in their own homes or apartments with the help of a Direct Support Professional who provides supports through home visits. People may receive contact as frequently as once a day. For others, it may be once or twice a week. Being a part of the community and participating in service clubs, local events and activities, volunteering and spending time with friends and family is also a big part of Community Living. LifeQuest helps make those connections and build meaningful relationships, allowing people to live their best lives. 

Our Community Living services provide 

  • Own apartment or house 

  • Supports as schedule 

  • Maintain home life skills 

  • Community involvement 

  • Direct Support Professional check in

“This isn’t just a job. These people are family. Being a part of their lives makes my life better, and I believe I am making a difference.” 

April | Direct Support Professional

“It is so rewarding to see the growth in people and to watch them learn new skills that contribute to them being more confident, self-aware and interested in the world around them. Every person is unique and we are passionate about letting that uniqueness shine through. I love LifeQuest and all the people here. This is a truly special place that just feels like family.” 

Liz | Direct Support Professional

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