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Shared Living/Family Support

Whether it’s a child being cared for by a parent, a friend supporting a friend or a community member offering companionship and care to someone who needs it, the benefits of sharing a home and a life can be life changing. This is why LifeQuest is proud to provide Shared Living and Family Support services to people across eastern and central South Dakota.

"Shared Living has changed the dynamics of our relationship. We’re not just parent and child. We’re not just roommates. We’re friends.” 

Wendy | Mother of Jeremy

"We have an amazing team of people at LifeQuest who love to come to the table with ideas and make things happen. Through Shared Living and Family Support, people are thriving in their own homes and communities. Knowing that just makes my day.” 

Jessica Lang | Program Coordinator, Shared Living and Family Support


Shared Living 

Shared Living allows people to live at home with the support of a host provider/companion. Care can be provided by qualified people over the age of 21 who have the desire and capability to share their life and provide assistance to a person with a disability. This could be a family member, friend, college student, single person, empty nester or anyone who has a desire to open their heart and home to others. Participants can live in the home of the care provider, or the care provider can live in the home of the participant. Shared Living is an option for any person who is interested in this type of living arrangement and is eligible for services. 

Family Support 360 

Family Support 360 allows children and adults to stay in their homes by helping them receive funding for special services, adaptive equipment and supports not otherwise available. Each person receiving Family Support 360 chooses a Family Support Coordinator to help navigate state funded services and resources. There are eligibility requirements for this program, which are set by the Department of Human Services. 

Services and support include, but are not limited to: 

  • Service coordination

  • Referral services

  • Companion care

  • Specialized medical equipment

  • Adaptive equipment

  • Respite care

  • Home modifications for accessibility

  • Vehicle modifications

  • Personal care assistance

  • Supported employment

  • Nutritional supplements



 804 North Mentzer 

Mitchell, SD 57301 


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