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What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

LifeQuest has served people with developmental disabilities in the Mitchell, SD area since 1959.  What started as a simple workshop has now grown into multiple locations throughout Mitchell.  We help people at home, at work, and throughout our community.  

Who We Are

LifeQuest employs around 200 passionate people who work tirelessly to give people a great life.  Once hidden from view, people with disabilities are now a vibrant part of our community.  Our staff are their champions.  

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Administrative Staff


Pam Hanna
Executive Director

(605) 990-7812

Lisa Gorrell
Administrative Assistant
(605) 990-7807

Program Managers

Carrie Tesch
Day Services
(605) 990-7811

Darla McGuire
Quality Assurance    
(605) 990-7808

Kacee Regan
(605) 990-7810

Betty Visscher
Service Coordination
(605) 990-7833

Business and Office

Jordan Unterbrunner
Business Manager
(605) 990-7828

Brian Loken
Development Director
(605) 990-7835

Kate Miller
Human Resources Manager
(605) 990-7830

Board of Directors

LifeQuest Board of Directors

Joe Childs,  President

Steve Morgan, Vice President

Susan Kiepke, Secretary-Treasurer

Carl Beckstrom

Wyonne Kaemingk

Marius Laursen

Melanie Mullenmiester

Michelle Musick

Renee Robbins

Jeff Smith

Mike Tobin

Chris Weier

Brad Zimmerman

LifeQuest Foundation Board of Directors

Kristi Szabo, President

Susan Kiepke, Vice President

Trevor Dierks

Jackie Edinger

Kelly Gross

Lori O'Keefe

Diana Olson

Jan Quenzer

Vicki Wiese

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