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Initiation of Services

LifeQuest provides a variety of services to people of all ages and abilities. LifeQuest takes a person centered and individualized approach to planning which is used with people and families in the coordination of services.   Some of those services include residential, day services, job development, medical and family support services.


To begin the process to select and coordinate services, the person and family need to complete and submit the following:

    • An application for services (Click here for the application)

At the time of application, the person and his/her family/guardian will be referred to a Case Management Agency to help determine eligibility and secure a mechanism to fund the supports requested of LifeQuest.  LifeQuest will work with the person and his/her family/guardian to make referral to the Case Management Agency.

Anyone interested in receiving supports from one or more of the service we provide can inquire by contacting Betty Visscher at or by calling Betty at (605) 990-7833.