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Current Employment Opportunities at LifeQuest


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school/GED diploma, and have a good driving record.  Background check, driving check and drug screen are pre-employment requirements.

As a Direct Support Professional (DSP)-general responsibilities are to assist people with developmental disabilities in community living skills, helping them to reach their maximum potential for independent living:

Gamble Street Apartments-Supervisor-Salaried Position- Will need Cover Letter and Resume along with Application-typical hours for this position vary-hours do include nights, weekends, and holidays

(The following positions start at $10.25 an hour)       

Clarke House-16hr – working Sunday and Thursday 3-11

Community Support Program-40 hr- working a 3 week rotation- week 1- Monday 9:30-5:30, Tuesday 9:30-5:30, Wednesday 1-9, Thursday 11a-7p, Friday 11a-7p, week 2 Monday 7-3, Tuesday 1-9, Wednesday 11aa-7p, Thursday 9:30-5:30 and Saturday 1-9 and week 3 Sunday 7-3, Tuesday 11a-7p, Wednesday 9:30-5:30, Thursday 9:30-5:30 and Friday 1-9

East Elm House-40hr-working one week- Monday 10-6, Tuesday 3-11, Wednesday 3-11, Thursday 10-6 and Friday 3-11,  and working week two- Sunday 8-4, Monday 10-6, Tuesday 3-11, Wednesday 3-11 and Thursday 10-6


East Elm House-6hr- working every other Saturday 9a-9p


East Elm House-22hr- working every Sunday 7-4, Monday 3-9 and Friday 3-10


Gamble Street Apartments—21hr-working week1- Sunday 1-9, Thursday 7:30-1:30 and Friday 2-7and week two- Wednesday 5-9, Thursday 4-9, Friday 3-9 and Saturday 1-9


North Kimball-4hr- working every Saturday 9-1


Vocational Program-20hr- working Monday – Friday 10a-2p


Wheatridge Apartments-40hr-working one week-Tuesday 7-9a & 4-11, Wednesday 2-9, Thursday 7-9a & 2-9, Friday 3-10 and Saturday 8-3, and working week two- Sunday 2-9, Tuesday 7-9a & 4-9, Wednesday 2-9, Thursday 7-9a & 2-9 and Friday 2-10


(The following positions start at $11.25 an hour)

Blaalid House-32hr ON- Working every Saturday 8p-8a, Sunday 11p-9a, and Monday 11p-9a

Clarke House-30hr Overnight- working every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 11p-9a    

Gamble Street Apartments--30hr Overnight- working every Wednesday 9p-7a, Thursday 9p-7a, and Friday 9p-7a


J & L Home-40hr ON- working every Wednesday 5-11, Thursday 9p-9a, Friday 9p-9a, and  Saturday 11p-9a


KJ Program- 30hr ON-working every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9p-7a


Relief Overnight-0hrs-no set schedule and no guaranteed hrs-filling in for overnight staff that are out on leave


*** All of the positions listed above except the overnight and vocational positions do follow a holiday rotational schedule—for more information-please contact LifeQuest HR Department***


For an application, please click here.  Save completed file to your computer, then attach it to an email to HR@lifequestsd.com.


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