Current Employment Opportunities at LifeQuest

Direct Support Professional position openings

Wage $10.25/hour          $11.25 Overnight Hours


Centennial Apartments- 4hr- working week one Sunday 9:30-1:30 and week two Saturday 5-9

Centennial Apartments- 10hr- working Monday –Friday 7-9a

Centennial Apartments- 16hr-working working week one- Sunday 3-9, Wednesday 3-8, Saturday 4-9 and week two Sunday 3-9, Monday 5-9 Wednesday 3-9

Centennial Apartments- 6hr- working Saturday 9-3

                Community Support/Transition Program- 15hr- working Monday-Friday (late afternoon, early evening hours), with an occasional weekend                                            

East Elm Home- 20hr-working Monday – Friday 5-9

East Elm Home-20hr –working Sunday 8-4, Monday 4-10 and Friday 4-10

Gamble Street Apartments- Relief- No set hours or schedule – as needed

Gamble Street Apartments- 8 hr-working Saturday 9-5

Gamble Street Apartments- 18hr- working Monday 5-9, Wednesday 5-9, Friday 5-9, and Saturday 3-9

Gamble Street Apartments- 21hr- working Sunday 7-3, Monday 3-9, and Saturday 7-3

Gamble Street Apartments- 32hr- working Monday 7-3, Tuesday 9-5, Friday 1-9, and Saturday 1-9

Gamble Street Apartments- 32hr- working Wednesday 1-9, Thursday 1-9, Friday 1-9 and Saturday 2-9

J&L Home- 14hr- working Thursday 3-9, Saturday 3-11

KJ Program- 40hr- working Sunday 1-9, Monday 7-3, Tuesday 7-3, Wednesday 7-3 and Thursday 7-3

Park Place Apartments-11hr- working Sunday 10-6p and Friday 5-8


R & B Homes- 5hr- working Saturday 9-2


R & B Homes- 10hr- working Sunday 3-9 and Friday 5-9


R & B Homes-16 hr-working Monday 4-8, Tuesday 4-7, Wednesday 4-7, and Saturday 2-8



Wage $11.25/hour for the following positions:  

East Elm House- 40hr ON-working week one-Tuesday 10-8a, Thursday 12-10p, Friday 10-8a, Saturday 10-8a and week two Sunday 10-8a, Monday 10-8a, Wednesday 12-10p and Thursday 10-8a

Relief ON- No guaranteed hours


East Elm House Supervisor- Provide supervision, training, and guidance to Direct Support Professionals.  Assist people with developmental disabilities in community living skills, helping them to reach their maximum potential for independent living. 

Salary is dependent upon education and experience.


Temporary Production Worker $10.25/hour- working Monday-Friday 8:00-3:30


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school/GED diploma, and have a good driving record.  Background check, driving check and drug screen are pre-employment requirements.



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